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Paramore Brand New Eyes Tour

Sorry guys, it’s been a really long time since I’ve kept up with this blog.  My fault.  Turns out though, that I do have a few things to discuss! 

Let’s talk Paramore, shall we?  As a Paramore Fan Club member (stop laughing…) I was able to get pre-sale tickets to the brand new eyes Tour with Paper Route and The Swellers at The Norva in Norfolk, VA.  I’m currently in the Northern Virginia area, so in order to see Paramore, my options were to travel to Philadelphia, PA or Norfolk, VA (both are about 3 1/2 hours away).  I decided I’d rather stay in-state, so Norfolk it was.  The show, of course, was well worth the time it took to drive down.  It was a sold-out show, and boy, did it feel like it… it was super sweaty after the show. 

The Norva is a really great venue to see bands.  It was our first time there, but what I really appreciated about the Norva was that because the stage was high enough, there really wasn’t a bad spot to stand.


Paramore had a really great setlist.  Below are the songs they performed for our show:

Intro (check out my video of the Intro below)
I Caught Myself
That’s What You Get
Looking Up (short clip below)
Turn It Off (short clip below)
Here We Go Again
Where The Lines Overlap

Misguided Ghosts
Misery Business
Brick By Boring Brick

I’ve read that in other tours, the end with Miracle/Outro, but they didn’t play that for us at Norfolk.  Not sure why.  I’ve looked for the Miracle/Outro, and really liked it – I wish they did play it (check it out below).

Overall, the show was awesome.  It was such a great feeling being around other superfans like me, who knew every single word of every single song.  Hayley sounded so good live.  I’ve only gotten to see these guys twice (one other time on the No Doubt tour this summer – when I also got to attend a meet and greet), and each time I’ve seen them, I’m SO so impressed with Hayley’s enthusiasm, professionalism, and talent.  Not to mention the girl can seriously sing so well, AND headbang and jump around the whole time.

Whenever I see a band and the lead singer is off key, or out of breath, or just has no energy up there, it’s such a disappointment and I feel like I’ve wasted my money going to see them live.  But that’s never come close to happening with Paramore.  Seeing Hayley up there helps me realize that Paramore really does have so much talent, and they’re NOT an over-editted, over-produced band that only sounds good on an album.  They’re musicians.  And often, they sound BETTER live.. how amazing is that?

My favorite songs they sang were Conspiracy, Turn it Off, the Intro song, and Looking Up.  The whole show was phenom.



I also have to say, The Swellers and Paper Route really really surprised me.  I went into it not knowing anything about the bands, and left a fan.  Kudos guys!  Check them out if you haven’t already.  Really, they’re both great bands.  Don’t say I didn’t tell you about them. 

Have you guys seen Paramore or the other bands before?  What were your thoughts if you’ve been able to see them on this tour?  Let me know in the comments.

Intro Song  

Looking Up 

Turn it Off 

Outro video



I love this time of year, when bands are recording and putting their finishing touches on their new albums and gear up to go on tour.  Here’s the beginning to my list of upcoming shows that I’ll be be going to so far (I’m sure this list will continue to expand over the next days, weeks, months):

4/18  Silverstein, Blessthefall, Before Their Eyes

The National in Richmond, VA



5/11 Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, As I Lay Dying

Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore, MD




6/14 Paramore and No Doubt

Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, VA



Merriweater Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD

A Day To Remember

A Day To Remember

A Skylit Drive

A Skylit Drive

The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada





Awesome. \m/

Paramore – The Final RIOT! DVD
February 16, 2009, 10:55 pm
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I loved it.  Loved it from the first minute to the last.  Fueled By Ramen did a great job of allowing the band to be themselves, and not focusing the entire band’s story on Hayley Williams – a la No Doubt.

As a fan of RIOT! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but had heard that Paramore put on an insane live show.  I have watched the DVD 3 times, and can’t stop listening to the live CD that came with it.

Hayley Williams is a really talented singer and artist, and I was totally impressed with how much energy and head banging she puts into her shows and is still able to stay on key and stick to the song – with slight twists.  The guys, Josh, Zach, Jeremy and Taylor all had really likeable personalities too though, which made me love the band even more.

It’s great to hear a good, young, upbeat band with a lot of talent on their shoulders.  I’m excited for their new album and can’t wait for them to tour again!

Moral of the story: BUY THE FINAL RIOT! DVD NOW!  Buy it now!


Paramore – “Decode” From TWILIGHT Sountrack

I. love. it.  Maybe it’s because it combines the two things I can’t get enough of… Paramore + Twilight 🙂  Thoughts?