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Avenged Sevenfold Show @ Rams Head Live 12/9/08

The Avenged Sevenfold show last night in Baltimore was quite an experience.   When we arrived at 7:30 pm, the doors had already been open for almost 2 hours.  We waited til about 8:45pm for the 2nd opener, Shift, to get on stage.  Burn Halo showed up for their very first concert as a new band at around 10pm.

All in all, Burn Halo did a great job for their first concert together.  Their best songs from their set by far, were their singles “Dirty Little Girl”, and their finale song, “Save Me”.  But I am confident that once they tour some more, and get more comfortable with their stage presence, they will gain even more fans.  Look for these guys.

When Burn Halo finished their set, there was a surprise appearance by non other than Synaster Gates, lead guitarist of A7X.  The crowd erupted when he showed up on stage, however, the news he was there to deliver was not welcomed.  Syn explained to the now drunk, impatient fans that, yes, they would be playing tonight, but that Matt was at Walter Reed Hospital from a situation that happened earlier in the day, and that they would be back on stage to perform at 11:30pm.

At that point, most of the audience had been there for nearly 5 hours, and you could tell the pit was getting restless.  There seemed to be a lot of agitation in the air, but everyone was still sticking around to see their band.

The time finally arrived, and A7X opened with Critical Acclaim.  Shadows gave us all an explanation of what exactly happened.  It turned out that when Johnny C and Shadows were at Walter Reed Hospital to visit injured troops, Shadow’s face got temporarily paralyzed.  Check out the clip below:

The set list seemed pretty standard to previous shows we’ve been to in the past year.  Overall, they performed well, I was happy with the show, but sometime was amiss.  I give the show a 4 out of 5 stars… not the band’s best.  I will say though, that the lighting and light panels on stage were a great effect.  And musically, they were spot on.  If we hadn’t waited for 5 hours to see them after the show was postponed from September, if there weren’t so many preppy kids with no pit etiquette (stay tuned for a blog entry on pit etiquette), and if the band had put a little more variety into their set list (what happened to all the songs from Waking the Fallen?? – I’ve seen them play Second Heartbeat and Remenissions…) then I would have given them a solid 5.

I love these guys, so it’s really hard for me to be a critic, but I guess I was just expecting more out of them.

*photos courtesy of Courtney and JNoyes

Check out more really great pics from the show taken by Courtney here and JNoyes here

And here is one more clip from the 2nd show at Ram’s Head Live from December 10th – singing Happy Birthday to Zacky V who turned 27!

*clips found from deathbatnews.com

The day is finally here..

I’ve been waiting on this day since I ordered tickets in JULY.  It was disappointing to show up to Rams Head on September 7th to find that the sold out show in Baltimore had been canceled due to some vocal problems with Matt, but when I found out Shadows was better, it was being rescheduled, and that Buckcherry was not going to tag along, I couldn’t be happier.

And now the day is finally here.  Tonight’s the night, and I can’t wait to see em again!


Avenged Sevenfold’s New Video for “DEAR GOD”

Here is Avenged Sevenfold’s newest video for their single “Dear God”.  I love the way this video is shot and really enjoy getting to see the guys behind the scenes in their everyday lives on the road.  Granted I am SURE there are many pluses to what they do, but as fans, we really take advantage of everything these guys sacrafice while being on the road and away from their families and loved ones for months on end. 

My favorite parts of the video are the ones with Matt and Val.  It makes me smile 🙂

I just really like this photo of M. Shadows
September 1, 2008, 6:03 pm
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Taken from Gods of Metal 2008 by Francesco Castaldo

Good news for A7X
August 26, 2008, 10:21 pm
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The band recently had a set back when they had to cancel their August 24th concert at the Reading Festival due to vocal strains with Matt, but a lot of good news has prevailed for Avenged Sevenfold.  Not only did they win the Kerrang! award for “Album of the Year” for 2008, but more importantly, their Baltimore show at Ram’s Head Live that I’ll be going to is SOLD OUT!

Glad I got my tickets the morning they came out… I had a hunch people from all over would be coming to the band’s only U.S club show.  Not to mention Shadow’s Fall will be opening for them that night.

I’m so pumped.


Matt and Val hanging out with “The Hills” star Audrina Patridge

Shadows, Val and Audrina?

M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold and fiance Valary DiBenedetto are apparently good friends with Audrina Patridge from MTV’s “The Hills.” The couple has been spotted a few times this weekend with Audrina in Los Angeles, California.

Last week, the three partied at Crown Bar, Strike Bowling, and a Billa Bong fashion show.

Audrina definetly has an edgy rocker side, but I had no idea that she was friends with A7X and co. She also has been seen with co-owner of DCMA store. DCMA is also owned by the Madden brothers of Good Charlotte who are good friends with A7X as well.

I gotta say, it is SO weird to see M. Shadows and Val with celebrities like that in L.A.  and as a fan, I’m not sure how I feel about it simply because it feels so disappointing that A7X has reached a new level of stardom, and almost feels like they’re selling out.  Then again, it could just be the Orange County lifestyle..

Below is a link to hollywood.tv’s clip of Audrina and Val walking away from paparazzi. It’s totally bizarre..

Photo: justjarad.com