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Atreyu – Congregation of the Damned Out October 27, 2009

Well, it’s about darn time! Sheesh, these guys have really milked the last album, Lead Sails Paper Anchor, dry.  They’ve also made some really interesting music/tour/marketing/PR decisions in the past two years, which I can only guess is attributed to their new record label deal with Hollywood Records, who is owned by Disney and – by the way – also supports pop icons like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and The (freakin’) Jonas Brothers!  I’m not even kidding.  Take a look for yourself here.

I think the general concensus/question from Atreyu fans is: What the heck happened to the bad-a$$ band we fell in love with that wrote masterpiece albums like Deathgrip and Curse??  And furthermore, WHY are they headlining a tour with Hollywood Undead?!

I’ve gotta say, the long awaited new Atreyu album that they will be coming out with in October, is no longer on the top of my purchase list.  But, according to Alex Varkatzas, he says that the record is a “mix of everything we’ve ever done. For every song that’s more melodic or rock-driven there’s a total shitkicker, and I think that’s what makes us a well-rounded band.”

One, I hope he’s right, and two I can’t believe Disney let him say “shitkicker”.


Ok, I Have A Confession to Make..
July 21, 2008, 4:50 pm
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If you recall a few months back, I wrote an open letter to Atretyu, one of my favorite Orange County bands, explaining my disapproval of their decision to go on tour with Linkin Park, the KISS of our generation.  I even went as far to say that I wouldn’t be attending the show or condoning their tour.  Well, I’m reluctant to say that I’ve gone against my word and will in fact be attending Projekt Revolution this Sunday, July 27th.  Now, the only consolation is that we haven’t gotten tickets yet, but the plan is to just get the cheapest lawn tickets possible when we get there on Sunday and then immediately leave after Atreyu plays.  I just can’t bear to miss seeing the guys in my hometown… can you blame me??

I’m pretty sure that they will be playing a bunch of songs off their newest album, with minimal screaming, but you never know, they might throw in some songs from The Curse or Deathgrip for their true fans.  But I guess I can’t find out unless I go.

You win this time Linkin Park…  you win this time.

Atreyu singer, Alex Varkatzas experiencing technical difficulties
June 13, 2008, 11:36 am
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According to Atreyu’s Myspace blog, lead singer Alex Varkatzas is taking some time off to recouperate from sinusitus.  In their latest update from May 23rd:

“ATREYU will perform both shows this weekend in Indianapolis and El Paso because the last thing we want to do is let our fans down. With apologies from me to the listeners of KLAQ and WRZX, I won’t be able to be there. My voice is blown and my throat is swollen and I have sinusitis and a u.r. infection. I am so sorry. I feel like I owe more of an explanation, so here goes.

We have been on tour at this point about 3 months. The last few weeks have been overseas in Australia, where we have been flying and playing shows everyday. I don’t drink and take good care of myself but the weather/climate changing daily and constant strain on my voice has taken its toll. I saw a vocal doctor for the first time on the TOC tour because I was having a little swelling on and around my vocal chords. He examined me and saw no serious career threatening problems. However, I did have a part of my vocal chord that looked a little abnormal and inflamed and could eventually swell up more and give me problems. On top of EXTREME nasal congestion (I cant breathe thru my nose). If that swelling happens I was told to rest, in the mean time I got three cortisone shots and went back to rocking for several more weeks straight. I pushed and pushed myself every night and then we left for Australia.

My throat and voice bothered me the last 2 oz shows and when we flew home the swelling was starting to come back. We had a day off, played a grueling hot show, and then prepared for Pointefest. At this point I felt my voice was done but tried to sleep for a few hours before I had to get up for my flight.

My throat was swollen, sinuses inflamed and voice gone. At this point I have been put on anti-biotics and told to rest and not sing. I don’t have any permanent damage but if I carry on like I have been I could get some. I don’t want that. I am sorry again to everyone involved. For the longevity of the band, this is the best decision. This has never happened before. I am sorry again.”


“We are scheduled to play in Indy at the May Day Fest, and in El Paso at the Balloon Fest this weekend. Unfortunately, at the last minute, a decision has been made resulting in Alex not being able to make these shows due to health issues. For fans of Atreyu, you know that we aren’t a band that cancels shows. We felt terrible about not making Pointfest in St. Louis a few days back (due to plane problems) so we knew that we didn’t want to let anyone else down. We will still be playing these 2 shows without Alex. Me and Marc will be taking over vocal duties and the show will go on. Alex will be missed but we still want you all to come out, rock faces, and have a great time. This also acts as a notice. Indy and El Paso…save your voices because we’re gonna want to hear them even louder than we always do! We apologize and are excited to see you all.”


I’m impressed with how the band is handleing this and also impressed with the thourough explaination they’ve given.  Alex seems to be frustrated and really uphappy that he is disappointing his fans. 

Fate Misunderstood wishes Alex a speedy recovery.