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Jesus Loves You…. and also Metal

I used to think of traditional hymns and cheesy modern songs when I thought of music surrounding the Christian faith, but a new type of genre has swiftly emerged in this realm. It’s surprising to think that something that sounds so aggressive and hostile could be something that Christians or metal-heads would enjoy, but in fact, Christian Metal has become a huge phenomenon in the metalcore arena. And while you probably won’t hear it Sunday mornings at church, it’s remains to be a common element in some people’s lives, whether it’s musically or spiritually. Personally I think it’s awesome.

Naturally it the fact that it’s labeled “Christian” tends to offend or put off traditional metal-heads who hold songs with certain other hardcore ideas close to their heart. However, most Christian bands that are good, walk the fine line of being just the right amount religious, and avoid being “preachy”.

Like everyone else who makes music, most popular Christian metal bands, like As I Lay Dying and Blessthefall, use their beliefs to simply shape their music. It’s just that their musical and spiritual focus is in a different place than most musicians, even though the style of music may be identical to other standard metal bands. Their focus is on their faith, whether directly or indirectly, and I respect that.

Lyrics for me are sometimes the make or break factor when it comes to enjoying a song to it’s fullest. So you can imagine that Christian metal can be tricky. I do think though that it’s so cool how bands choose to use this type of music in combination with a spiritual twist. The most impressive thing is that it’s heartfelt and honest.People pray in different ways, and I’d like to think that God accepts all praise in any form as long as it’s genuine.

I would also like to think that He headbangs a little bit and smiles when he hears some of these guys spreading His word in their own creative ways \m/

To get a little more insight as to what I’m talking about, check out this interview with As I Lay Dying from 2005 by Drew Ailes. And then take a look at Blessthefall’s video for “Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad” (off of Youtube)


New Atreyu Video
March 28, 2008, 1:49 am
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Hey ATREYU fans, they’ve just released their new video for “Falling Down”. To be honest, this is definitely my least favorite Atreyu song on the new album, but they did a really good job portraying it!

What I liked the most was that you can see the guys’ personalities in the video. It’s directed by Sean Stiegemeier and is reminiscent of the movie The Outsiders. For a song that I felt didn’t reflect the band at all from the album, the video did a great job pairing the song and the band’s fun nature, if that makes any sense. 

Take a look